Friday, November 03, 2006


The tools you are gonna need to make these projects are the following:

-3 pliers (cutters, round nose and flat nose)

- reverse action tweezer (it really helps to hold the piece while soldering)

- soldering gun (45Watt)

- solder
there are many types of solder, the most common is 60% tin - 40% lead, which is very shiny but can cause health problems if you dont take precautions. There are solders in the market that are lead free and 100% safe, they just dont shine so much. Also there is a solder with 2% silver, and you can find it with or without lead.... So the choice is up to you. I use the one with no lead, cause i work at home.

- flux solder paste

The tools are quite cheap because you buy them once and if you take good care of your soldering gun it will last for years.

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